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Radovan Lakic

Radovan Lakic

Place of Birth: Belgrade (Serbia)
Residence: Singapore (SG)
Brief info

Place of Birth: Belgrade (Serbia)

Tennis experience as a player:
- Played over 100 tournaments including ITF Junior and ITF
- Part of the team of TC Red Star Belgrade
- Part of the 1 st Line Tennis Academy (FLTA)

Tennis experience as a coach:
- Works on technical and tactical skills with players by Riccardo Piatti’s
tennis methodology
- Assistant to Dejan Vranjes (ex Serbia captain of FED CUP team)
- Coached 7 players who went on to receive NCAA Division One
- Kristina Miletic (European Top 8 Mastets U16 champion)
- Hristina Djokic (Serbian National Champion)
- Giorgia Di Muzio (#925 ITF Junior Ranking)
- Teodora Radosavljevic (#930 WTA Singles Ranking)
- Nevena Selakovic (#855 WTA Singles Ranking – Sparing Partner)
- Olga Danilovic (#5 ITF Juniors Ranking, #296 WTA Singles Ranking)

- Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management
- GPTCA International Coach – Level C, accredited by ATP
- GPTCA International Coach – Level B, accredited by ATP


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